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Resume + LinkedIn Upgrade Package™



Resume Upgrade

Your resume writer creates an ATS-friendly resume that stands out to hiring managers and reads like the perfect candidate with a track record of tangible success. This process begins with a 20 minute consultation with your writer.


LinkedIn Profile Recommendations

SEO-optimized content from your resume combined with recommended changes for the most impactful parts of your LinkedIn profile will make recruiters more likely to reach out and hiring managers feel reassured.


Optional 30-minute Career Consultation Call

After your resume is complete, learn about our Dream Job Career Coaching program and the results you could achieve if you sign up! This call lets you begin to explore our program but it is not career coaching.

Still have questions? 

Have questions about our service? Get your questions asked by scheduling a quick 15 minute call with one of our resume professionals. Schedule Now!

Literally Wanted to Cry
I literally wanted to cry when I saw my results. My resume was AMAZING and so professional. I could have never developed anything close to what The Job Sauce did for me. I will continue to use this company and will be referring my friends. The process was easy and time saving for me. I'm grateful!!!!!


Casual Friday vs. Tuxedo
Thank you, Job Sauce. I love my new resume. It reads well, looks terrific, and is better than any resume I've ever written for myself. To use an analogy, my old resume looked like a casual Friday outfit, and my new resume looks like a tuxedo. Love it!


3 Interviews Already!
I've gotten 3 interviews with it already and only have been actively applying for two weeks. I didn't see this result before and I'm very happy.


Wow, I did that?!
 Working with The Job Sauce to refine my resume was a wonderful experience. They helped sum up my experience in a concise, articulate way that made me wonder a few times "Wow, I did that?!". I'd recommend their services to anyone who wants to improve their resume and LinkedIn profile.


professionally written

Professionally Written

We brag for you and find the right way to say it so hiring managers understand.


Psychologically Formatted

Leveraging psychology, your resume is formatted so hiring managers see what we want them to see and subconsciously associate you with top candidates.


Keyword Optimized

We hack Applicant Tracking Systems so employer software identifies you as a perfect match.


Results Oriented

When recruiters and hiring managers understand your past accomplishments, they see how you can bring that to their team.


Quick Turnaround

From the day you speak with your coach to the final product, it typically takes 4-7 business days.


Award Winning

LinkedIn has recognized The Job Sauce as one of the top Resume Writing and Career Coaching providers in their network.

I'm an image!

Our consulting team is here for you!

The Job Sauce's career consultants are here to help you assess whether career coaching is the right fit for you! Our Dream Job Career Coaching program helps clients land jobs 3x faster and with pay increases 4x greater than the typical process. Is it a fit for you?

How does the resume-writing process work?

Your resume writer will collaborate with you to do far more than optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems. Between a phone call with your real live coach and Q&A about your top accomplishments, your coach will craft a resume that gets in front of hiring managers and convinces them to interview you.

What qualifications do Job Sauce resume writers have?

Our network of resume writers includes recruiters, hiring managers, and certified career coaches across every industry, and we take the time to certify each writer in-house so you're guaranteed the best.

Do you sell my contact information?

Absolutely not. We value your privacy and success, so we'll never sell your contact information. 

What are the benefits of the career consultation call? 

Our Dream Job career coaching clients land jobs 3x faster and with pay increases 4x higher than the typical process through our proprietary methodologies and expert coaches. This call will help you see if the program is a fit for you and show you the power of coaching first-hand.

How long does it take?

You'll typically receive your final draft 4-7 business days after your 1-on-1 call with your assigned writer.

Do you have any third-party credentials?

The Job Sauce, as well as individual writers on our team, have received awards and acknowledgements from LinkedIn, Forbes, and the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches.