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Style & Organization

  • Is your resume organized and formatted to standards?
  • Have you included your top achievements that showcase your impact?
  • Does your resume include all the required components?

Writing & Mechanics

  • Does your resume position you as someone who can produce results for the organization?
  • Is your resume error-free and easy to understand?
  • Does your resume have the correct punctuation, grammar, and tone?

ATS Analysis

  • Will your resume beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
  • Can the ATS read and analyze your resume?
  • How will the ATS classify your resume for seniority and industry?

What is an ATS? 


“80% of job applications are rejected before a human sees a resume.”


Before a hiring manager ever sees your resume, it's often passed through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). An ATS is a software service used by companies, recruiters, and hiring managers to organize resumes, scan them for relevancy, and rank them against the job description. At times, employers set restrictions to take only the top 5% of candidates. This makes it easier for hiring managers to see only the top candidates that meet the qualifications. It also makes it impossible for a human to see your resume unless it's formatted properly, uses the correct keywords, and meets all the ATS requirements. 


In your resume review we send your resume through an ATS to give you feedback on your resume's format, style, and mechanics. Your future career could depend on it!



"My resume was AMAZING and so professional. I could have never developed anything close to what The Job Sauce did for me. I will continue to use this company and will be referring my friends. The process was easy and time saving for me. I'm grateful!!!!!"
Tracy - Chicago
VP of Sales
"After checking out multiple resume writing services, I needed up with The Job Sauce. Thank you, Job Sauce. I love my new resume. It reads well, looks terrific, and is better than any resume I've ever written for myself. To use an analogy, my old resume looked like a casual Friday outfit, and my new resume looks like a tuxedo. Love it!"
Damion - Dallas
Head of Human Resources
"Working with The Job Sauce to refine my resume was a wonderful experience. They helped sum up my experience in a concise, articulate way that made me wonder a few times "Wow, I did that?!". I'd recommend their services to anyone who wants to improve their resume and LinkedIn profile."
Andrew - NYC
Director, Technical Programing

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